Which Supplements Are Recommended For Running


Athletes of all sports often need to watch what they eat in order to ensure they’re consuming the right foods, the right vitamins, and the right nutrients. However, if you’re a dedicated runner, it’s even more important to balance your diet with vitamins and other nutrients you might be missing in your daily meals. Running works the entire body, and requires the right fuel. Of course, there are endless advertisements and recommendations for supplements and other good-for-you products, but are they worth their price? Supplements can be greatly beneficial, as long as you know which ones to purchase and take. These are the best options for frequent runners who need a boost.


Known as a strength building supplement, creatine is a favorite of many athletes. Years of research on this dietary supplement show that creatine increases the muscles’ ability to store phosphate, a precious source of energy when you’re pushing your muscles to their maximum, and even helps enhance the strength and power gained from all of that athletic training. Creatine is an excellent choice for runners in particular because it offers a strength and power boost, as well as improvement in interval workouts throughout the training process.


Yes, your morning cup of coffee is good for you – and so is pure caffeine, if you’re a runner. Athletes of all kinds rely on caffeine, as it’s a “legal” performance enhancer that gives you a sharpened mind, increased alertness, and body benefits. Caffeine helps increase the body’s ability to turn fat into energy, betters overall coordination, speeds up reaction time, and even tricks you into thinking workouts are easier than they normally are. But its benefits don’t end there; caffeine continues to help runners even after their workout ends. When combined with carbohydrates, caffeine supplements aid the body in its recovery and reparative functions.


When you run, your body works hard and your heart gets your blood moving quickly. A common problem among runners is anemia, or iron deficiency – and the best supplement to fight off anemia and prevent it before it begins is iron itself. Iron is a crucial component in creating red blood cells, and when you don’t have enough iron you feel exhausted and sluggish. Runners tend to develop anemia because so much iron is lost when heavy sweating occurs. You can increase your iron intake through foods like tuna, chicken, and beef – or, make thing easy and pop some iron supplements.