Running Is Also Good For…

Go running

We all know that running is a great exercise. It strengthens you cardio vascular system and it strengthens your muscles. What we sometimes overlook is the effect that running or any type of exercise has to our skin health.

Cardio vascular exercises like running help increase the blood flow. When that happens, oxygen and other essential vitamins are effectively distributed to all parts of our body especially the skin. And because the skin is getting all the vital nutrients, it continues to be in a healthy environment where the skin cells grow and repair itself. This also means that skin aging could be delayed.

Most runners also notice a decrease in the acne symptoms. That’s because the sweat can push out the cellular debris from the pores, so you get clear skin and clean pores. People also tend to drink more water when they exercise. The water helps in hydrating and detoxifying your body and your skin. Another benefit is that running can regulate your hormones resulting to a more clear complexion.

With the many benefits of running it is almost impossible not to do it. Sometimes though, it can also be your worst enemy if you don’t keep yourself protected. Runners are almost always exposed to the sun’s UV rays, unless you run at night or indoors. Too much sun exposure could lead to premature aging or skin cancer. With that said, always remember to religiously use sunscreen.

Your feet can be prone to blisters, calluses and fungus when you are running regularly. This is caused by friction and moisture. Use socks that can wick away the moisture or an athlete’s food powder to keep it from happening. And of course, wear a properly fitting shoes that will give your feet the support that it needs.