Can Working Out And Running Cause Stretch Marks?


Stretch marks are often associated with rapid weight gain like in pregnancy. If your skin is not elastic enough then chances are you will be noticing these marks on certain parts of your body. But why would you even get one when you’re working out? After all you are doing it in order for you not to gain that extra weight.

If you are trying to bulk up, especially in a short amount of time, your skin may stretch as a result of the increase in pressure that your muscles put on your skin. Another situation is when you are burning fats and your skin is unable to tighten fast enough and so it hangs. Because it hangs, this will pull the skin causing stretch marks to form.

The good thing is that you are already working out and engaging in physical activity helps in maintaining your skin health. But you can still adjust your exercise program and your lifestyle in order to prevent stretch marks.

Keep it slow and steady

We’re not just talking about weight gain. We are talking about the weight that you lift each time. Lifting heavy weights means that you could bulk up pretty quickly. Try lifting moderate weights in several repetitions.

Eat Enough

Make sure you eat just the right amount of food that you will need energy to sustain the entire exercise program. Don’t go overboard because rapid weight gain could also result to stretch marks. Consume foods that promotes the formation of collagen to keep your skin healthy.

Don’t Forget Your Cardio

Cardiovascular exercise prevents you from bulking up fast. Aerobic exercises like running or swimming can improve circulation and this ensures that your skin gets the nutrients it needs.

Religiously Follow Your Skin Care Routine

Keep your skin hydrated from the inside out. Drink plenty of water and use a natural moisturizer to help keep your skin elastic and supple. Remember to exfoliate your skin in order to get rid of the dead skin cells to keep it smooth.